In early 2012, a beautiful Minecraft game mode called ArcherGames was created. Reaching peak popularity during the 2013-2014 phase, all of the plugins, excitement, and happiness was lost to time.

No longer! The HartleyNetwork team has worked over the past few weeks to recreate this game mode using custom-coded plugins, kits, and more.

We are still growing, and we are a new server led with a team of experienced staff. Check us out on common forums, and don’t forget to vote for our server!

To power the server, we ask for donations in the form of the shop. Keeping these nostalgic servers up is expensive, and all proceeds from sales go directly towards the support, development, and continuation of these servers.

The server runs 1.14.2 for security, but has old plugins and old methods for PvP (1.8)

Thank you for playing on the Hartley Network! We hope you enjoy your time here.