Hello everyone, thanks for playing on the Hartley Network!

To celebrate the end of the summer, there is a HUGE competition taking place!

In honor of summer beginning it’s end, we need a challenge! On August 20th, the #1 position on each leaderboard (games won, games played, most votes, and kills) will receive $10,000,000 in-game currency, along with KIT GOD!

Second place will receive $1,000,000 and kit ridiculous, and third place will receive VIP access and $750,000 in-game currency.

In addition, the midway checkpoint will give the following rewards:

FREE KIT RIDICULOUS to those in the top spots on those leaderboards, same with a free $500,000 to first place!

Second place will receive $450,000 and $250,000 for third!

We will also be giving away survival perks and creative perks mixed in as well.

Finally, the web store has a sweeping 30% off to help grow the network and reward our players for all their hard work! Be sure to donate to catch the advantage and to help the server be the best it can be. Thank you for playing, and good luck this month!

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