Server Rules

  1. No Hacking
  2. Hacked Clients, automated Scripts and Macros are absolutely forbidden as they give a huge unfair advantage to the player using them, and we believe this ruins the Gameplay. If you are caught hacking, you will be banned for several days. This also includes unfair Resource Packs!
  3. If you find a player that is hacking, please message any online staff his username and game he is currently in (You can view the list of all Staff online by doing /Staff). If no staff are present, simply record them or take a screenshot that proves they are hacking, then make a player report (
  4. Allowed Mods List
  5. Especially in PvP-Related Gamemodes, certain mods can give a slight advantage to one user, which creates unfair Gameplay, and are therefore disallowed. In order to ensure fairness across all Gamemodes, here is a list of all mods allowed in our Network:
  6. • OptiFine
  7. • Badlion Client & PvPLounge
  8. • Too Many Items/Not Enough Items
  9. • Custom NPC’s
  10. • More Player Models
  11. • Camera Studio Mod
  12. • Minimap Mods (Without Entity Radar)
  13. • Better Sprint (Some Better Sprint mods may include things such as FastEat or NoSlow, those are not allowed)
  14. • Better Animations
  15. • FancyChat
  16. • MineTunes
  17. • CPS Mod
  18. • Batty’s Coordinates PLUS
  19. • Better FPS
  20. • KeyStrokes
  21. • Reach Display
  22. • MotionBlur
  23. • ArmorHUD
  24. Any other mod which hasn’t been named is strictly forbidden and it will bring you serious consequences if you are caught using them, up to and including a Permanent User ban! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  25. No Spamming/Encouraging Spam/Overuse of Caps
  26. Spamming, of any type, is not allowed. What we consider as spam is:
  27. Repeating similar messages multiple times (even if they are slightly modified) at a fast pace. This includes sending more than 3 messages ina 3+ second period.
  28. Sending garbage messages/Character Spam (Ex: kdopwjd912ye91dh91hd912; ttttttttttttttttttttttt; hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
  29. Abusing caps which includes using lots of caps through various messages
  30. Encouraging spam to fill the chat at a fast pace by encouraging people to say something (Ex: “Say 123 if you are playing Minecraft”)
  31. Swearing
  32. Excessive Swearing will not be tolerated as we have players of all different ages and profanity might be offensive to some users. Please keep it [PG-13]. Any word blocked by our Anti-Swear plugin is considered profanity.
  33. If you got muted, by no means you are allowed to bypass it by using a sign or book at the Server, since you got muted for a reason and attempting it to bypass it will result in a ban for the length of your mute! Furthermore, if you believe you got wrongly muted/banned, you may submit a punishment appeal (
  34. Respect Everybody
  35. Every player deserves to have the best Minecraft experience, and being disrespectful towards others and the ideals of others, will not achieve this goal that ArcherGames believes in! Discussions about racism, sexism, Inappropriate conduct and references, religious and political views, and any other form of Discrimination will not be tolerated. Please do not disrespect our players or staff in any way. This includes being rude, bullying, harassment, flame-baiting and/or giving personal information of players.
  36. Everyone has the right to be on ArcherGames without fear of being discriminated against, any reported violations will lead to immediate and system based punishment carried out by our staff team.
  37. No Inappropriate Names, Skins or Optifine Capes
  38. Player Names which contain swear words, server names, or anything else of an offensive nature are not allowed. Additionally, any player skins or capes showing inappropriate stuff will not be tolerated.
  39. No Confusing Names
  40. Player Names which are similar to the Server name or any of its staff members (Such as “kxny_”, “ArcherGames”, “_kxny”, etc.) are not allowed since they could confuse players and make them think they are part of the ArcherGames Staff.
  41. No Trolling
  42. Please do not troll other players. For example, tricking other players into leaving a lobby or closing their Minecraft client (Ex: Alt+F4 = Free VIP!!). If you’re caught doing so you may be banned.
  43. Creative Specific Rules
  44. Do not build inappropriate stuff on your plot(s)!
  45. Please use caution when adding people to your plot. The server cannot be responsible for any griefs that happen from users you have added. Additionally, please note that the plot owner is responsible for what is built on the plot. If an inappropriate build is found on your plot, you will be held responsible.
  46. No Advertising
  47. Do not advertise any websites/links that are not related to ArcherGames. Do not advertise other Minecraft servers at any point. If you’re caught advertising another Minecraft server or mention an IP, this will result in a MUTE or BAN.
  48. No Exploiting Glitches
  49. Exploiting and/or taking part of any sort of bugs or glitches that will give an advantage for you is absolutely forbidden since we believe it ruins everyone else’s Gameplay. If you find any sort of glitch or bug you must report it immediately (
  50. Alternate Accounts
  51. If your main account is banned or muted, and you choose to use an alternate Minecraft account to avoid your punishment, you will be PERM BANNED. Using an alternate account to evade a punishment is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, if you are aware of someone who may be avoiding its punishment by using an alt account, you need to report it at our forums. Hiding this information may get you in trouble too!
  52. Do not ask stuff to the staff
  53. Do not be annoying. This includes asking for free ranks, perks, items, etc. (Don’t bug players to get you a free rank either)
  54. It also includes in-game ban disputes, all punishments disputes must be handled (
  55. Respect the Staff
  56. Our staff do not get paid to moderate the servers and they have volunteered their own free time to help out. Do not abuse them.
  57. If you believe a staff member is breaking the rules or abusing his powers, collect evidence and report them by sending a message to Kendrick#7238 on our discord (
  58. Impersonating Staff/Mini-Modding
  59. Claiming you are a staff member, have staff permissions (such as kick or ban) or acting like a staff member is not allowed.
  60. Additionally, attempting to enforce the rules like a staff member (Mini-Modding) is prohibited. If you see a player breaking the rules, contact online staff or report the player ( Do not attempt to warn or correct the player’s behavior yourself.
  61. Report players who broke our rules HERE! (
  62. Discord Rules
  63. • Be respectful. Discussions about racism, sexism, religious or political views; Inappropriate conduct and references; or any form of Discrimination will not be tolerated
  64. • No spamming or unnecessary usage of caps
  65. • No offensive content or profanity
  66. • Trolling, abuse, flamebaiting, and general toxicity is not allowed
  67. • Do not share personal information or pictures of other members
  68. • Do not advertise other servers outside the domain/aid of ArcherGames
  69. • Do not post links to other discord servers
  70. • Inappropriate profile pictures or handles are not allowed
  71. • Do not post links of which we cannot verify the safety
  72. • Keep pictures in #pics . Videos are not allowed unless relevant to ArcherGames.
  73. • Don’t occupy on ban issues that are not relevant to you. If you have something of value to say about someone else’s ban, please contact staff privately
  74. • Do not create alt accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid punishments, or troll alt accounts
  75. • Do not post topics flaming or criticizing staff. If you have an issue with how a moderator has behaved, contact Kendrick via a private message and provide evidence
  76. • Suggestions must be relative, realistic and implementable. No overpowered, copyrighted things
  77. • Keep all discussions in #ideas-and-suggestions as suggestions, or feedback related to suggestions
  78. • Do not advertise that you are selling Minecraft Accounts or Minecon Capes. Selling Minecraft accounts is illegal
  79. • Do not pretend to be a member of staff on the server. This includes claiming you are staff, threatening to ban a user or otherwise blackmail them. Impersonating staff will lead to a severe punishment
  80. • Do not make threats against players or the server
  81. • Keep all content appropriate and PG-13
  82. • Do not abuse the @Staff Member tag
  83. • Listen to the staff
  84. Report players who broke our rules HERE! (

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