Welcome to Creative! Where all your imaginations comes true!

Welcome to Creative! Where everyone’s imagination, dreams, and especially their creativity comes to play!! Creative is a great place to be when you’re bored, and even when you want to make new friends! Everyone is welcomed into Creative and everywhere else around the server! You’re imagination starts on a 64 x 64 plot!

Welcome to the Creative Server! The image shown here is the lobby picture which is owned by Kxny (The Owner)/!

What’s at Creative Spawn?

At spawn there are information of /plot commands of how everyone is able to us one their plots! /plot (add, remove, auto, and etc). There is also a rank that you’re able to get in Creative which is called “Creative VIP” it gives you Worldedit, 3 Extra Plots, and many more stuff that comes with it for each update there is! The money doesn’t go for the owner it helps out the server to become bigger and better!! (More info on the creative spawn!) 😀

Do you see those heads that are there? Well each member are able to get their heads placed onto the platform to tell everyone on who has joined into the server!

Wolve_Mori’s Plot which is right in front of spawn!


What Minecraft Roleplay? Yes, Minecraft Roleplay! Come and join the fun and imagination with everyone who joins!!

Welcome to Phantom High! OMGAlina’s Plot!

Welcome to Phantom High where everyone is welcome to roleplay and meet new people everyday! Phantom High is created by OMGAlina and with help by GiantSpider95, Stellawesome, Lumienous, and more! Phantom High isn’t just any kind of high school. It’s a high school with dorms! You’re able to own your own dorm and locker! In progress there are going to be a city and a neighborhood included into the roleplay where everyone could as well be able to own a house and maybe a business!

Here are some pictures of other interesting plots!!

Lumienous’s Plot
GiantSpider95’s Plot
xxxNightwing2xxx’s Plot
Fonny_Boi’s Plot

Many more plots to come!!!

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