NOTICE: The one month anniversary sale is currently on! 50% off products this week, going fast. Thank you for all the donations and without your support the server would be dead in the water.

WELCOME TO IRON FARM! It’s still a bit funky (cookies? iron?) but the bugs are getting steamrolled as we speak. Click away and rise to the top! Soon, users will be able to purchase in-game items with their iron farm perks! (maybe even exclusive new ranks :o) To play, type /farm and then click the cookie/iron ingot in the middle. Have fun!

Second, Creative has had a round of updates: New roads, purchase more plots, and adding users to your plot. We are still looking for map features and parkour, so build away!

Third, Archer Games has some new leaderboards! We are now logging user kills, games played, wins, and deaths. This is still under development, but you can (as of Jul 16) see leaderboards for kills and games played. Make it to the top!

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